"Awakening: How Occupational Therapy Uncovered Hidden Trauma"

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Dear Reader,

I am a writer, educator and trauma survivor.


As a writer, I share my stories in the hope that they will help you or someone you love know you are not alone.

As an educator, I teach writing at a local university and promote mindful living as a campus wellness ambassador. I have a Bachelor’s in Humanities from Michigan State University and a Master’s in Writing from DePaul University.

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As a trauma survivor, I know the amount of daily work that goes into healing, and I share what I've learned to help bring us together. To extend the light. To heal. ​

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You're not alone. I'm in it with you. You've got this. 

All My Best,

Jenna Grace

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"Awakening: How Occupational Therapy Uncovered Hidden Trauma"

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