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October 2018 to present

November 3, 2017


You decide to meet friends for lunch.

You walk in and see them.

You sit down and begin enjoying their company. The environment feels welcoming.

You take in the soft buzz of sounds around you and the aromas of the foods, contemplating what you're in the mood for. You survey the menu and order your food.

You engage in conversation. When your food comes, you enjoy it and continue conversing with others.

You sit through the meal until the...

October 27, 2017

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Probably because it is the one time of year the bizarre, or abnormal, is viewed as normal.

When you have SPD, everyday life feels abnormal. Sometimes, even scary.  Here are 10 reasons why:

1 You lose your ability to perform basic functions.

You enter into a primitive state: fighting, fleeing or freezing.

You find it difficult to be in public.

You find it difficult to engage with others.


October 20, 2017

As I turned on the heat for the first time this fall, I felt thankful for the cold weather that has finally come. It allows me to feel clear. Crisp. Calm. 

After experiencing one of Michigan’s hottest summers this year, it is much-needed relief. We had temperatures reaching high into the 90s, with over 80 percent humidity, for what felt like months. And then, we experienced an Indian summer in September, with temperatures reaching hi...

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