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October 2018 to present

October 13, 2017

With SPD, information doesn’t organize itself properly in my brain, which means that I live my life in extremes.

It is why I’m often deemed as overly dramatic. But I have no control over the theatrics.

Because my brain doesn’t handle information properly, it is difficult for me to regulate it. I can fly into a rage over what appears to be nothing. I can cry harder and longer than most. I can go from laughing to screaming in a matter o...

October 2, 2017


I am making my morning tea when I am overcome by a sound so intense that my instinct is to kill. I try to focus, but before I know it, I am swearing. Screaming. Throwing things. Fighting. I hear it coming from outside, so I throw the door open and dart out. Tracking the sound that is my prey. I see that it is coming from a lawnmower down the street. Seeing it helps. My primitive defenses drop a little when I show my brain tha...

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