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October 2018 to present

November 17, 2017

With the upcoming holiday, food is on my mind.

Having SPD affects my digestion and overall gut health, so I have to eat mainly gluten-free and plant-based in order to feel good. Which is really difficult during social events and even more difficult during holidays.

No one, including me, really wants to eat a tofu turkey.

Around the holidays, I am surrounded by things I want to eat, but know I shouldn't. Like breads, cheeses, dips and...

November 3, 2017


You decide to meet friends for lunch.

You walk in and see them.

You sit down and begin enjoying their company. The environment feels welcoming.

You take in the soft buzz of sounds around you and the aromas of the foods, contemplating what you're in the mood for. You survey the menu and order your food.

You engage in conversation. When your food comes, you enjoy it and continue conversing with others.

You sit through the meal until the...

October 2, 2017


I am making my morning tea when I am overcome by a sound so intense that my instinct is to kill. I try to focus, but before I know it, I am swearing. Screaming. Throwing things. Fighting. I hear it coming from outside, so I throw the door open and dart out. Tracking the sound that is my prey. I see that it is coming from a lawnmower down the street. Seeing it helps. My primitive defenses drop a little when I show my brain tha...

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