Practicing Mindfulness and Related Writing*

Being mindful means being present. Living in the moment you are in. Not in the past (depression) or in the future (anxiety), but right now.

When you’ve suffered from trauma and live with neurological disorders, being present can feel impossible, but I believe that learning to practice mindfulness can save our lives.** Because it saves my life every day. 

Mindfulness is the only thing that quells my painful and suicidal thoughts and allows me to see all the magnificent things I have to live for.

I find that mindfulness is a practice — something I try to get better at every day. Forgiving myself when I veer off course. Learning to love myself. Letting go of my past and my pain. And beginning to live my life after trauma.

I wish you luck in creating your practice: in seeing yourself and all the gifts you have to offer. May you feel better very soon.

*Borrowed images are credited in corresponding readings.

**You are different than me. The information I provide is based on my experience. Always consult your intuition and team of experts regarding your own health.