10 Reasons SPD Is Scary

October 27, 2017

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Probably because it is the one time of year the bizarre, or abnormal, is viewed as normal.


When you have SPD, everyday life feels abnormal. Sometimes, even scary.  Here are 10 reasons why:

1 You lose your ability to perform basic functions.


You enter into a primitive state: fighting, fleeing or freezing.


You find it difficult to be in public.


You find it difficult to engage with others.


You have digestive issues.


You have psychological issues.


You hit yourself in the head.


You have suicidal thoughts.


You can pass it down to your kids.


10 You will always have it.


*Some of the resources linked above focus on people with autism or on children with SPD, but can also relate to adults with SPD or with other sensory issues. These are the best resources I could find considering there are not enough resources for adults with SPD or for SPD in general.


If you know of more resources for SPD, specifically adult SPD, please post them in the comments below.


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