Supplements & Snacks


Along with having a sensory diet, having a gut health diet can also help you (or a loved one) stay regulated and avoid digestive issues:*


*You are different than me. The information I provide is based on my experience. Always consult your intuition and team of experts regarding your own health.


  • Drink more water in a day than you thought possible. I drink two, 8-ounce glasses in the morning, and then I fill up a 64-ounce jug.  I add fresh lemon juice for some flavor.
  • Drink kombucha daily or when your gut feels unregulated. I love GT's brand. You can find it at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and in the grocery section at Target!
  • Have snacks with you at all times. I like travel packs of nuts, popcorn, protein shakes — basically anything that will help stabilize my blood sugar while on the go.